The Simple Life Of A Typical Kaduna Person

A typical Kaduna person is a Nigerian notwithstanding which tribe you are, born, or stayed for long in Kaduna State.

Kaduna is a State located in the northwest of Nigeria, it has about 1,747,123 people. One thing I love about Kaduna people is their way of life, how people from different tribes from different parts of Nigeria live together. A typical Kaduna person is filled with humility, they are hard-working and easy-going people. Sometimes those from the other part of the country mistaken their simplicity as weakness not knowing that what they see as weakness is strength.

The people of Kaduna love education as such they have some of the best schools in the north, such as ABU Zaria, NDA, and much more. They are lively people that love leisure, entertainment, and good food as such you will see structures like Hotels, restaurants, and amusement parks. Just like other parts of Nigeria, they are also very religious. So they have Churches and mosques in every part of the city for prayers.

Their occupation is mostly civil servants, farmers, traders, etc. They are very creative and always represent anywhere they find themselves.

There is two sides to a typical Kaduna person in terms of leisure, sometimes he loves partying and hanging out with friends while other time he would prefer to hang-out at home with family after daily job.

I also like the fact that living in Kaduna State is not as expensive as living in western Nigeria, their food is cheap, accommodation is affordable. They also have friendly and beautiful women.

One other thing I must not forget is how the youths in the State are going digital because they believe that future jobs are online and the Government of the State is helping in making sure that these youths acquire the necessary digital skills to become an employer of labor. So the government set up an ICT center for the youths to acquire ICT skills and also sponsoring and partnering with others to create free digital skill training for the people. A typical example of that is the ClickOnKaduna Program.

Kaduna State is not as bad as other people from western Nigeria who have not visited the north thinks. You can ask the National Youth Service Corps NYSC Members who have experience the Kaduna lifestyle to tell you more about how amazing the State is.

The only problem we have in Kaduna just like every part of the Country is bad leadership, you see those whom we voted to represent us at the arm of affairs politicizing things and creating crisis between the ordinal people.

If this attitude can be corrected then Kaduna and every other part of Nigeria will be a safe haven for all of us.

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