View Of Old And New Sabo Tasha Kaduna Modern Market Under construction

Sabon Tasha’s market is located in Chikun Local Government Area. It lies along Kaduna Kachia expressway. The market has seen emerge to become one of the big markets in Kaduna State. This is because of the massive development of the area, and the massive expansion of other towns surrounding Sabo.

As a result of this, Sabo Tasha has become a very industrious and business-oriented area. Different kinds of legit trade is been carried out in the market and that has helped to reduce unemployment and poverty in the area. The old market is getting congested as traders are beginning to move towards the major expressway to trade. In order to decongest the market, the State has embarked on creating a new modern market in the area. We have embedded a video of the old and new market below for you to watch below:

The new modem market construction is at the conclusion state, and by the time the market begins operations, the old market will be relocated to the new site. This will reduce congestion, reduce traffic along the expressway, and also open ways for residents to engage in a meaningful and gainful trade.

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